I had a dream…about Christian Louboutin shoes and Vampires….

6 Apr

This isn’t about an area of Pittsburgh, but my hometown Mississauga and Surrey (really. beats me what it’s doing in my dream). It’s in point form because really, it could be a wicked little short story/novella. Too much other stuff to do today.

The Cast

She: Main girl character

She/he=he/she: A vampire who captures her

Scar man: not sure if he’s wonderful yet. But I think he is.

Out shopping and it starts to pour (some kind of Holt Renfrew-Saks deal). She’s with her mom, aunt and cousin. The three leave and she tries to quickly exit the store

Christian Laboutin boots capture her attention

A woman keeps on telling her she should buy them

It’s easter (why they’re shopping I don’t know)

She asks in a trance if she can get a ride—but doesn’t specify church or to her car. Her car is actually in the next parking lot…so why she’d need a ride is beyond her.

The woman I think offers it first—I’m hazy on the strict deets

She runs around trying to get ready, like, put her own clothes back on and when she’s finally done she is wearing her black leather jacket in the car with the lady

Has a sinking feeling that she shouldn’t be in the car

The lady puts her arm around the girl and touches the jacket. ‘Oh you like this right?’

‘Yes, I like the skin. (shit, what am I thinking) the (what the hell is that word)’

Laugh from the lady who now looks like a man…a she/he

‘Yes I’m sure you do’

‘Where are we going?’


‘Is that close to Mississauga? Is it a street or a place?’

Laugh, ‘It is a street’


Driving, rain has stopped.

This sure as hell doesn’t look like Mississauga…rolling hillside, colourful houses…no cookie cutter here.

‘Where did you say this was again? Are we south of Mississauga?’

Laugh, ‘Yes.’

The girl was compelled (controlled) by the vampire and they actually left the country..no sense of time

They’re in the vamps house. Dark, flashes of wood furniture

She remembers images of the vampire explaining that she doesn’t smell right. And slowly the compulsion wears off. The images are clearer. The vampire is running her/his hand along a table saying we’re all animals but you, don’t seem to be one. An abomination. Then he/she bites the girl sucking blood.  Disgusting, but I can’t let go of you yet. The first person who gets you is the prince.

Days go by, the compulsion wears on and off and she realizes that she’s wearing the Christian Louboutin boots that she tried on. Strange. It’s almost like a cow bell, the she/he vamp can hear the girl whenever she walks…not that she wants to take them off. On a particularly lucid day though, she says, biting into the peach she was given, to her captor, “you know I remember stories from home about vampires. Maybe I’m meant for only one vampire which is why I don’t taste good to you, or smell good for that matter.  And when he finds you, he won’t be happy.”  She’s never stepped outside of the house or seen anyone. Someone knocks.

‘Shit. Sit down and shut up you wench’

She stands stock still and listens to the conversation

‘Who do you have here?’


‘Don’t lie to me Balthazar’

In a moment her lucidity is replaced with a blast of hazy vision.

‘You owe me and you’ve been holding THIS here? She’s mine.’

‘Fine. You won’t like the way she tastes.’

Slam. There’s a sickening thud on the floor

‘Be glad I didn’t kill you’

He picks her up and takes her out.

The sunlight hurts so much.

She is taken to new vampire’s house. And when they get far enough away from old She/he she becomes lucid again and turns to see that he’s preparing the space, remaining very silent. She finally gets to look down and she realizes that she’s lost about 40 pounds, she’s almost skin and bone. And she’s wearing rags and the Louboutin boots. Then when she turns to look at him, he compels her/ controls her gaze such that she cannot ever look at his face.   She’s never allowed to look at him.

She becomes his housekeeper.

He explains one day that she can’t look at him because he’s ugly..he’s marred by a HUGE ass scar down one side of his face. A wolf attack.

Then one day he is summoned to the royal court

He has to take her

They go

She belongs to the prince—her smell compels him

But this dude is the prince’s older brother and actually heir to the throne

The prince woos her in court and then I woke up thinking I think the girl fell in love with scar vampire, and the question of the day is ‘do I go with the one I love or the one who loves me?’

Here’s a bit of Vampire Weekend to enhance the vampire theme: http://www.vampireweekend.com/

(Before you go. Know they’re not dark and mysterious, but light and wonderful).

And here’s Surrey (from Google…someone can straighten me out if they want)…not as hilly as in my dream…


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