Can you feel the love tonight? I sure can’t.

29 Apr

Okay, so, you know when you’re just plain not feeling it? I’m not feelin the love at the incline, although I’m sure it’d be a great one.

Yeah. Can you see lions feeling it up there? Nor can I.

I wrote the start of it, and it’s below, but that’s it. I think I’m going to do a period piece…I was debating using the incline and its history to back it…what with all the gazillionaires who used to (and still do) live in the G.P.A. (greater Pittsburgh area) and the mines…ohh it’d make a lusty tale between say, a man of hard work and some means, and a daughter of the wealthy folk kind. Gives me shivers just thinking about it.   Oh April. Not the most fruitful of months.

It was a mental mind race. Which would she choose and why. Which ONE!?

As Andrew stood at the base of Mt. Washington he breathed in deeply to calm his nerves.  Images of Serendipity the movie flashed through his head and he cursed out loud in front of a group of older ladies about to climb the stairs to the Duquesne Incline. The explicatives flew and he was almost out of time. They tutted him and his bad upbringing. He was tempted to flick them off, but that wouldn’t bring him any closer to figuring out which incline Cat would choose. Instead of committing a grievous social error that might put one of the women into cardiac arrest, he closed his eyes, tilting his head of usually neatly styled hair back, letting the sun calm him. The flakes of gel were all more visible on the unusually warm April day.

“How did we get here?” he whispers to the sun.


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