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property brothers+move to canada=poutine filled happiness

9 Oct

We’re moving back to the fantastic land of Poutines, hockey, and eh.

But before we do, we’re taking a gamble and applying to the HGTV show (side note: I’m addicted to all things HGTV) Property Brothers. Not only are the hubby and I thoroughly amused by Jon and Drews side quips, but we’re IN LOVE with everything they do…including running through a home that looks like it should be lit on fire and left to perish in its own ashes, and making it into something fabulous.

Every time someone asks us about this big move gets the response “we’re applying to Property Brothers” followed by mumbo jumbo talk about paperwork (very real, very long process) but it also comes with me being nervous about even applying. Thus, I haven’t applied yet.

ARGH. Wish me luck on getting the nerve to want something fantastical and then to go out and try to grab it.


PS.I  know I’ve been AWOL. Can’t help it. My little one is well, little and doesn’t allow for too much Pittsburgh Romancin’ to go on…and you can take that any way you want


thank you!

24 May

yay!!! thai cuisine is featured on…. 😀

a little austen lovin’ can go a long way….

24 May

I’ve been really busy editing a book I wrote (WOW.  Strange to even have that officially down) so I’ve been slacking on continuing the Mystery High Series and adding general other love related stories.  Hopefully, with this gift of a scene from the latest rendition of Pride and Prejudice, I’ll be forgiven.

Once upon a second day in Dormont…

11 Feb

So, once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to write. She looked to one of her favorite authors for advice and found words of wisdom she could trust.

Forgive her for paraphrasing but here goes… [ahem]…

“The first million words you write are garbage.”

That’s it. Brilliant advice if  she says so herself.

Out of third person (which is really strange to write in), I have to clarify (and I feel like I should have mentioned this a looonnngg time ago): these short stories are part of my first million words.  I write them in a day or two and I edit as little as possible.

Somewhere in time, another astute individual said, “practice makes perfect”, so I am…but if you’ve ever played an instrument, you know that practicing sometimes sounds like knives running down a chalkboard.  Please excuse my knives and enjoy the ideas behind them. Leave comments if you liked them, and if you didn’t, please don’t be too cruel…because if you are, I’ll write a mean little story about you (but you wouldn’t know because you’d have stopped reading them by then).  🙂 [giggle]

Have a lovely snow filled day in Pittsburgh!!

Once upon a day in Dormont…

20 Jan

To keep my cynical, bitter mind from getting too, well, cynical and bitter, I’m setting up a romance blog. Once a day, I’m going to write something worthy of the words romance and love, and make it happen in the realm of the beautiful town of Pittsburgh.