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God Bless America and Netflix

16 Jul

So, I’m still looking for a theme that really fits “Romancing Pittsburgh”.  This one, all nice and pink, I really thought would do it, but every time I see it I cringe.  It looks like I’m yelling at you “ROMANCING PITTSBURGH! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” And then I feel like it’d be appropriate to tackle you after you finished reading the title. A good solid hit to the gut.

Needless to say, I’ll probably be changing it a few more times until I find “the one”.

Regarding Mystery High. Well. I’m sluggish. You wanna know why? Oh I’ll tell you why. It’s because I’m….dun dun dun…..pregnant! That’s right folks. I’m at 11 weeks and counting and the little critter is due Feb 8, 2011. I’ve been eating melba toast by the boat load and catching up on TV like it’s my job in life.

When I was younger I can honestly say I rarely watched tv. Since I’ve been knocked up though, TV’s been my best friend. In fact, not TV, but Netflix. God Bless America and Netflix. It doesn’t exist up in the land when I originally hail from (Canada).



Shows I should have watched while I was in high school but I’m catching up on now:

1. Roswell.

2. Veronica Mars.

I ♥♥♥ Roswell. Not sure about VM yet. See, the boyfriend’s she’s stuck with all have a history of violent behavior. It’s weird.  Like, I know all high school guys are hormonal but gee golly it doesn’t make it okay to date someone if they have a tendency to beat stuff to a pulp, does it? Maybe it does….I’m outta the loop.  Even the ‘good guys’ are bad news.


you should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how…

13 Jul

It’s a big part of romance-the kiss signifying the main character has found the love of their life.  So, Edward and Bella have won (2 years running) best kiss for MTV Movie awards. I say dump on that.  There have been way better kisses in tv and movies…

Ah l’amour.

Here are my top 5 that make my heart thump when I watch them:

1. Movie/Show: Roswell

Characters: Michael and Maria

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a segmented kissing scene on youtube but this was the one with the least offensive music in the background. You want a good scene, check out season 1 episode 9, Heat Wave.

2.  Movie/Show: Romeo + Juliet

Characters: Tybalt and Murcutio….kidding. Romeo and Juliet, duh.

Danes and DiCaprio were so young! But boy could they fire up the screen.  This scene was their first kiss and I think it really captures what a first kiss is like…

3. Movie/Show: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Characters: Brangelina

They’re bashed, bruised and beyond sexy.

Couldn’t find a video, so here’s a still from the movie:

4. Movie/Show: Atonement

Characters: Robbie and Cecilia

Here’s the beginning of the momentous kiss…after this it gets heated very quickly…

5.  It took me a while to decide on this number 5. There are a bunch of honourable mentions down below but I’ve decided that this is one of my personal top kisses

Movie/Show: Gone with the Wind

Characters: Rhett and Scarlett.

Rhett Butler=wow and sometimes you just want to slap that Scarlett silly. When they kiss, and she really kisses him back, it makes a tummy go flippy floppy…the clip I found isn’t one of those.  It is one of those moments that makes you say, “Oh no you did’n Ms. O’Hara.”

Honourable mentions:
Movie/show: Titanic

Characters: Rose and Jack

Movie/show: Wall-e

Characters: Wall-e and Eve


Movie/Show: The Notebook

Characters: I actually don’t know their names because I’ve only seen it once and contrary to most females out there, didn’t like it. The kissing scene in the movie that everyone likes is all nice and rainy and whatnot…but anyone notice how her mouth is draped open right before he dives in? Well anyways, I liked their kiss at the MTV movie awards better:

Movie/Show: P.S. I love you

Characters: Holly and Gerry

Movie/Show: The Office

Characters: Jim and Pam

Any of their kisses. End of season 2 was a good one.  ps. this was in strong competition with Gone with the Wind.

Movie/Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Characters: Buffy and Angel

I hunted and was fruitless. No vids of their very passionate kisses. It’s a really old show but here’s a list of favourite kisses of theirs: