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I’m laughing again. Weddings weddings and more weddings.

24 May

Since I’ve last posted, I’ve moved to another country, been pregnant and given birth to baby #2. I’m not joking. Thus. I’m back-at least for today. This weekend we’re heading back to the Burgh for a wedding. From the venues I’ve seen, there are some styling places to get hitched in Pittsburgh and even lovelier are the reception venues.

This weekend’s venue is the ‘historic’ Summit Inn.

Boasting an indoor and outdoor pool, this venue will at least impress my kids. We’ll see just how romantic this getaway is for a regular, non family couple. I’ll post about it if I get a chance later on.

Last week, however, we had the chance to celebrate the wedding of another one of by besties in the Dominican Republic. We stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana.
(that’s the pool that my son was in love with)

It was a wedding tainted with some regular wedding speedbumps, and some irregular (bride forgot her dress at home…on her side though, just a month prior to this her house burned down. So it’s a given that she’s got quite a bit on her mind).

The ceremony was absolutely picturesque. It was complete with a white gazebo, a gentle breeze, a smiling groom and a beaming bride. It was the stuff all destination brides dream of.

Anywho. I just have weddings on the brain-and since mine was 4 years ago (June 20) I’ve been a bit nostalgic. Any brides out there wish they did things differently? For mine, I would’ve just done about everything differently. Mine was an enormous (not big for weddings in Canada but for other places, I’ve been told I’m insane to have had a wedding that large) 500 guest shindig. There was something RIDICULOUS like 7 courses, plus a midnight buffet with a chef slicing proscuitto. In a few words it was INSANELY overdone. Not really my style. My wonderfully helpful mum really helped make it all that it was, and although it was a very nice wedding (and my mum insists it was the most awesome wedding she’s ever been to) I wish I put my foot down for so many decisions. I was in a point where I was working 3 jobs, doing long distance with my fiancee and completing my masters at the same time as planning my wedding. I was stretched thin and let some big decisions be pushed by others.  My husband (finacee at the time) really tried his hardest to talk some sense into me…but I was a lost cause. Maybe we should have waited to plan it properly, but is there ever a really stress free good time to plan?   SO. All that being said. If you want to plan a large lavish wedding I’m your go to gal for help and ideas. If you’re looking for a stylin wedding full of creative ideas I have an old friend who seems like she’s really darn good at what she does (a wedding coordinator).  I’m pretty sure she’s been doing weddings all over the place.  Check her out over at http://www.heygorg.com/.



oh these days are long….and FABULOUS!

24 Jun

it’s been one whirlwind of  a month! There has been an abundance of celebrating including my husband’s band’s cd release party…


check out their CD sampler here: http://otrov.info/mp3/OtrovCDsampler.mp3

….my birthday…

…and our 1st anniversary!

It’s been a year filled with love, laughter, understanding and awe, as I’m pretty much the luckiest gal in the world to have him by my side.

ps. I had the most fabulous comment from a friend who happened to read Mystery High. Her wedding is quickly approaching in 86 days, everyone cross your fingers for her…. Thanks for making my day Patricia!!!