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Once upon a second day in Dormont…

11 Feb

So, once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to write. She looked to one of her favorite authors for advice and found words of wisdom she could trust.

Forgive her for paraphrasing but here goes… [ahem]…

“The first million words you write are garbage.”

That’s it. Brilliant advice if  she says so herself.

Out of third person (which is really strange to write in), I have to clarify (and I feel like I should have mentioned this a looonnngg time ago): these short stories are part of my first million words.  I write them in a day or two and I edit as little as possible.

Somewhere in time, another astute individual said, “practice makes perfect”, so I am…but if you’ve ever played an instrument, you know that practicing sometimes sounds like knives running down a chalkboard.  Please excuse my knives and enjoy the ideas behind them. Leave comments if you liked them, and if you didn’t, please don’t be too cruel…because if you are, I’ll write a mean little story about you (but you wouldn’t know because you’d have stopped reading them by then).  🙂 [giggle]

Have a lovely snow filled day in Pittsburgh!!